Matrass-Cylinder-Alembic-Catheter or Thoracic radiolus

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Informazioni generali

MATRASS It was introduced in the XVIII-XIX century by an unknown inventor; it is a glass container with a varying capacity (from 50 to 1000 ml), usually used in chemical laboratories. The container generally has a curved base, with a long cylindrical neck and equipped with a hermetic stopper. It is usually used to prepare solutions and to dilute liquid samples. CYLINDER It is a graduated glass tube with basal end, open distal end and a nozzle for pouring. It is used by the chemists in the laboratory to measure and to dose volumes of liquids. ALEMBIC 200 ml syringe, instrument of transparent glass made of a cylinder with a piston; it ends with a cone with a needle. It is generally used to draw liquid during pleural effusion or it is filled on inhaling system. CATHETER OR THORACIC RADIOLUS Flexible, thin and long tubes placed in the pleural cavity to empty liquids or a air or to inject liquids or drugsh The caliber of the catheter is express in "charriere” by the abbreviated CH or Fr: each unit is equal to 1/3 mm.

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