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The spittoons appeared in the Western Europe in the half of XIX century thanks to disgusting and popular custom of chewing and spitting tobacco.They were metal or pottery receptacle placed in the corners of public places or in crowded street where a special law impose spitting. They are usually round with a flat bot to them from tipping over and with sloping edges to hamper the leak of materials. Despite their unpleasant appeal, the spittoons mark an important step in the field of hygiene and civilization resulting particularly effective in the fight against tuberculosis, proposed in Italy by Fascism. During this period aside from providing spittoons with antiseptic solution, shopkeepers of public places were obliged to display warnings signs with words a polite zen doesn't spit and swear The necessity was an omnipresent object and a symbol of sanatorium the spread of of ents, to cater their hygiene needs and to prevent infection. They were differen style: community spittoons, personal

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