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Scissors are surgical instruments of various shape and size usually made of bronze or steel. Some examples of antique scissors are kept at the National Museum of Naples Andrea della Croce in the universal surgery defines the purpose of the scissors: it divides the whole, cuts the unnecessary, removes foreign bodies, ealling it oforfieu scissors". The scissors are used for the section of the suturea, soft tissue dissection and dressing materials, isolation and to detach tissue, There are of various shapes straight or curved, rounded or sharp, more or less delicate and with varying lenght dipendant on their use. When you want to expand or detach tissues. closed scissors are introduced through an intermediary, spreading slowly the branches. some special scissors: Crafoord scissors. they are long with short fulcrum and slight curve. Satinsky scissors. with double curve and short fulcrum Klinkenerg-Lost scissors, as the previous fulcrum and a obtuse with longer fulcrum, Potts-Smith scissors, with straight angle. Micro scissors of Westcott and Mathieu, Jacobson scissors.

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