Vials-Bottles-Pressing Stoppers

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The first vials sealed in glass appear toward the end of the VIII century. They were comprised of a glass tube closed at the two extremities. Their appearance is linked to introduction of the use of parenteral canal in therapy. The first canal was intramuscular and sulfuric ether was used to cleanse the skin, which by quickly evaporating and cooling the skin, provoked a subtle anesthesia. The bottles for infusion, generally for h built of glass and had were an inferior bulge with a hole. This was connected to the infusion tube and a wide superior opening where the medicine was inserted (glucose solution or physiological) which was closed with a cork stopper. The hermetic closing of the bottle was importanta a special pressing stopper was used to compress the cork, which while compressed was quickly inserted in the inferior opening When it was inserted, the cork, taking back the initial dimension, closed perfectly to the neck of the bottle.

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