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It was introduced in the treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis by Arnold in the 1939. Used as an instrument for endocavitary inhalation, it is a method aimed to drain caseous materials of tubercular cavity and to facilitate the elision of the cavitary space through the discontinuous detention and it isn't invasive. The system consists of two bottles of Mariotte not levelled. The upper one is equipped with a stopper crossed by a small glass-tube linked to a rubber-tube that sucks from the lung cavity, and it is reached with the punch of Babolini Bottari. The bottle is filled by eight tenths of water and through a lateral hole and the base it is linked with a small tube to another bottle placed lower than the first. Through this hole the water goes from the first bottle to the second thanks to hydros pressure push of the liquid. With a steady pressure the water stream keeps constant until reaches the same level in both bottles. The descent of the water creates the respiration effect into tubercular cavity. CUTLERY: models found in cafeteria, which were used by doctors attending sanatorium institution.

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